Jenny Mørk standing next to her painting Sisterhood. In the background we see her painting Symbiosis

About me

What do we all have in common? We breathe, we live now and we´ll die one day. People have been wandering this earth before us and people will hopefully wander after us. And here we are, you and I, in between. And art has the potential to connect us.

Connecting people through art and through focusing mostly on what we have in common is what I aim for.

At the same time, I aim to create something soothing and encouraging for challenging times. Like when I went through a heavy cancer treatment in 2021-2022. The paintings on the wall gave me comfort, even though I was the creator.

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All the mentors from Quarantine event in Spain 2023 on stage.

Art Education

  • 2023
    Mentors: Vincent Desiderio, Guillermo Lorca, Lita Cabellut, Martin Wittfooth, Miles Johnston, Ryan Heshka, Kirsten H. Anderson, Xavi Denia, Pau Marinello and Natalie Holland.
  • 2023
    Online course with Black Sanchez.
  • 2021
    Online course with Javier Arizabalo.
  • 2020
    Online course with Will Kemp.
  • 1996-1999
    Les Beaux Arts de Nancy, Lorraine, France and
    CERFAV, Vannes le Chatel, France.
Glacier Arms glassart installation by Jenny Mørk featured on a stage surrounded by darkness and a person in a black cape

Nordic Glass 2000

"Nordic Glass 2000 - Glass without Boundaries" was a large exhibition and book featuring glassartist from 6 different countries. Randi Gaustad from Kunstindustrimuseet was the Norwegian curator.

I was chosen as one of the glassartists representing Norway. Glacier Arms was part of the art performance exhibition "Låst i Vann" which I am explaining below.

Glacier Arms were large glass castings I made with a team at Hadeland Glassverk and weighed 40 kg each.

The photo is from the performance where I am standing in the middle with a black cape on.

Jenny Mørk as a glassartist in an art performance in a fairy like costume in silver blue with a wig made of glass

Art performance

After studying art and glass in France, I went back to my home country, Norway, and made an art performance with glassart and music.

The overall theme was water, and each glassart installation was symbolising the different forms of water; ice, waterfall, boiling water, glacier, water puddles, stalaktites etc.

It was performed by a choir of 16 women with me as a solo singer.

I designed 11 glassart installations and wrote music together with Paolo Vinaccia, Audun Erlien.

Displaying a photo album with 2 blue glass sculptures of Jenny Mørk with a women passing by and a painting of Vebjørn Sand in the background

Winter exhibition

As part of a winter festival in Fredrikstad, Norway, I exhibited a glass sculpture collection called "Frozen moments" together with the paintings of the famous Norwegian painter, Vebjørn Sand.