Jenny Mørk artist is on stage performing with her painting Sisterhood in the background

Exhibition concerts

In 2024 I will be taking art exhibition to the next level with a unique exhibition concert like no other!

I will also make my original paintings available for sale for the first time.

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People looking at Jenny Mørk´s art at a pop-up exhibition in Oslo in 2022

Pop exhibitions

In 2022 and 2023 I held pop-up exhibitions in Oslo, Norway by invitation only.

Several people came to see the original paintings for the first time. I performed live music written especially for the art to enhance the emotional backdrop to the paintings.

People enjoying art at a group exhibition in Venice, Italy with Jenny Mørk paintings "Symbiosis" and "Sisterhood" in the background.

International exhibitions

In 2023 art prints of some of my paintings were displayed at international exhibitions; at one group show in Venice, Italy and at The Other Art Fair in London, UK.

This was valuable experience that gave me tremendous insight into how the art world works and how to stand out.