Frames or no frames

Hallway with white walls, wooden floors and a wood staircase. On the wall there are two prints with wood frames from Jenny Mørk.

Many people ask themselves if they should choose frames or no frames to their prints and with or without passepartout (a colored paper around the print). There is no right or wrong answer to this as it really depends on many factors.

What do you prefer?

This is maybe the first question to ask. If you have a clear preference for one or the other, then that might trump any other argument. However, there might be other factors you´d like to consider as well.

Do you want to match the frames of other paintings nearby?

If you want consistency, you might want to choose the same frame or no frame as the other paintings nearby have. But this is not a rule, and it can be hard to live by if you collect paintings over time as frames and styles go in and out of production.

What are the materials and colors in the surroundings?

Frames can really pull things together in interior design. In the image you see here above, the frames around the prints are in natural wood which is the same material used in the staircase and the floor. A wood frame around the prints ties the floor, staircase and walls together making the space soothing and coherent.

What is trendy?

Trends come and go and can be challenging to keep up with. However, it can elevate and upgrade a space when you style it with modern pieces from top to bottom.

Do you want to be creative?

Frames can express something in themselves. They can create an edge to the painting, inject humor or create a contrast that enhances a vibe of a room. Great interior designers play with frames as one of their tools to pull items in the room together or create exiting juxtapositions. You can partake in the creative process  and put your own stamp to the space by choosing unique frames.

Conclusion to frame or no frame

As you see, there is no right or wrong but a myriad of options. To make all choices available to you, I have created an art shop where each artwork gives you these opportunities. I´ve put the artwork into these categories to make it easier for you:

  • Framed prints
    This is a package deal which include art print on paper, plexiglass and frame ready to be hung on the wall. You can choose between two colors:
  1. Black frame (a 20mm (0.79”) thickness and width, the FSC- certified premium wooden frame)
  2. Wood frame (a 20mm (0.79”) thickness and width, the FSC- certified premium wooden frame)
  • Prints on canvas
    These prints are printed on canvas (coated fabric) which is mounted on a wood frame. They can be hung directly onto your wall or you can go to a frame maker in your neighborhood if you want a special frame. The canvas prints are available in two thicknesses - slim and thick - to match your preference.
  • Prints on paper
    If you want to go to a frame maker in your neighborhood to choose a special frame and add a passepartout, this is the choice to make.

I hope this helps you choose the one you´d like to see on your wall very soon.

With love,